About Robert Erving Potter III

“People say it’s art for art’s sake, but it’s actually art for life’s sake.  If you’re willing to be patient with yourself and remember that at the center of photography is pure creativity,  you will find that all areas of your life make more sense.” - REP3

Robert Erving Potter III is the official photographer for Kiss Kiss Cabaret, and a founding Member of The Piccolo Theatre: an ensemble theatre company with foundation in Commedia dell' Arte. Robert funds his creative endeavors as owner of REP3.com a Photographic Art Studio that creates Theatrical Promotional Photographs for Press, Publicity, PR, Editorial & Advertising. Subjects include Dance, Art, Theatre, Fashion, and Film. Robert studied at Interlochen Arts Academy where he was trained in the visual art of photography, as well as theatrical improvisation. The European phase of Robert’s education started in 1976 with the European Tour of the jazz band Weather Report where he was lighting director. He later returned to England to study Photography and Shakespeare at Cambridge University, where he was awarded life membership to both the Cambridge University Photographic Society and Thespian Society. Robert studied under George Strimbu at Valparaiso University where he received the Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts degree; graduating with honors and distinction. Robert went on to study at the International Center of Photography under Cornell Capa and at LIFE magazine with Alfred Eisenstaedt in New York City.

Robert serves the community on the Midwest board of directors of ASPP (the American Society of Picture Professionals). He is President emeritus of the Chicago Midwest chapter of American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) an ethics based International Trade Association, held membership in the (APA) Advertising Photographers of America and (EP) Editorial Photographers both non-profit trade organizations dedicated to the business of photography, and is a member of the League of Chicago Theatres.

To see many of Robert's images, visit his web site at: www.rep3.com

“I want to spark an emotional experience in those who see the images we create together. And I want every student to recognize their own freedom and joy -- to feel the strength and vitality of this moment. Photography changes the way you look at life forever.” - REP3

The Potter School of Photography is unique and exciting. The heart and soul of the curriculum comes from the founder and instructors’ vision of having a fun, safe place where creativity, understanding, and the ongoing adventure of life collide into courageous self-expression.

Our classes are affordable and accessible. They grow and expand as you do. We are here to teach you how to enjoy the entire process of photography while supporting every aspect of your journey. All of our instructors are professional photographers themselves who are dedicated to your education. We’re proud to offer the most personalized, hands on instruction available. Each one of our instructors has experienced the benefit of mentoring in their own studies and will provide the same support and encouragement for you. Our faculty is available via telephone or e-mail and is fully available to you. We’ve been told that having direct access to our school outside its walls was an invaluable gift and alone was worth more than the entire cost of any single class.

The Potter School of Professional Photography was created to empower the person behind the camera. Technology is simply a tool for you to use. You are a one-of-a-kind unique artist. And you are using photography to capture the emotion and expression that already resides within you. The joy, hope, love, wonder, sadness, laughter, courage, and inspiration you capture on film are a direct result of the feelings you uncover in this moment. Our school is an ongoing discovery of the self through education, insight, awareness, and experience.

Chicago is the home of theatrical improvisation. Our founder has direct ties to the roots of this movement from The Compass Players to The Players Workshop to The Second City to i.O. and beyond. Our instructors use their improvisation experience in all of our teachings and personal philosophy of photography.

Finally, Chicago is the world’s greatest city and The Potter School of Photography is located at the center of it all. There are countless paths to explore in any given one mile radius –- parks and nature; skyscrapers and river; lakefront and zoo, industry and history; and people of every origin and destination. Our canvas is alive, miraculous, expansive, and ever changing. The city is a favorite muse in every way and will inspire your most profound art while enriching your happiest days. We live here because we love it. And we teach what we know best because we’ve spent our lives discovering and living it.

About Potter School of Photography

Trained at Culver Military Academy, schooled in the arts at Interlochen Arts Academy, taught journalistic photography at Life magazine - energized by ten years of improvisation while working as The Second City’s Photographer. Robert E. Potter III,  founding ensemble member of Piccolo Theatre is a dynamic instructor.

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